Terms / Policies

Terms / Policies

This Terms of Service / Privacy Policy page (valid from July 18, 2024) describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit, make a purchase, or submit a contact form at : https://www.LYNDABLACK.ca .


When you visit this Shop / Website, personal information about your device, web browser, IP address, time zone and the cookies on your device will be collected. Also information will be collected about the individual pages and products you view on this Website, including your search terms and which websites referred you here. This Shop / Website uses GOOGLE ANALYTICS. GOOGLE ANALYTICS is a free web analytics service offered by GOOGLE that gives information about how visitors interact with a Website, such as how many people are visiting, from where, and what pages they are viewing on the Website. I use this information to monitor traffic, and so I can best understand users activity and improve my Shop / Website and the products I offer. More information about GOOGLE ANALYTICS can be found @ : https://www.support.google.com/analytics/ . You can also opt-out of GOOGLE ANALYTICS @ : https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout . I also use GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE. GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE is a free GOOGLE Service that provides tools and reports that help optimize a Website's traffic and performance in regards to GOOGLE Search results. Also I use MICROSOFT BING WEBMASTERS TOOLS. This is a free Website service, similar to GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE, that monitors a Website's perfomance in BING Search results. I use GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE and BING WEBMASTERS TOOLS to optimize the traffic I receive for this Shop / Website from Search Engines such as GOOGLE and BING.

This Shop / Website also uses STRIPE, BIG CARTEL, and GODADDY. STRIPE is used on this Website for Payment Processing. Millions of companies, both large and small, worldwide, use STRIPE to process payments both online and in person. More information about STRIPE can be found @ : https://www.stripe.com/en-ca . As well as the STRIPE Privacy Policy & Terms can be found @ : https://www.stripe.com/en-ca/privacy . BIG CARTEL is an online platform for artists to sell their products. They provide customizable templates for artists to setup their own independent Shop/Website, allowing the management of inventory, sales, and shop design. BIG CARTEL began in 2005 and is home to over a million makers, designers, musicians, and other artists worldwide. Legal Information regarding BIG CARTEL can be found @ : https://www.bigcartel.com/resources/help/topic/legal . And GODADDY is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company with over 20 million customers worldwide. They provide various web services, such as domain registration, web hosting, website builder, SSL certificates, and website design. GODADDY hosts my internet domain address : www.LYNDABLACK.ca .

As a visitor, you may also access verified site information for : https://www.LYNDABLACK.ca by clicking on the icon to the left of the URL address at the top of your screen. This information is provided by your Internet browser & will reassure you as a customer that the Connection is Secure. In the Microsoft Edge Browser it provides the following information :

[The Connection is Secure. This site has a valid certificate, issued by a trusted authority. This means information (such as passwords or credit cards) will be securely sent to this site and cannot be intercepted].

Also information about Permissions and Cookies are provided by selecting this icon. Here you can customize your devices Permissions settings when you visit this Shop / Website by allowing or blocking permissions. You also have access to information about Cookies. By using this Shop / Website, you agree to Cookies. This Website uses Cookies to give you a better experience and to help the Website run more efficiently. This icon will indicate to you as a visitor which Cookies are allowed and blocked when you visit this Shop / Website. Cookies are small text files sent from a website that are stored on your device. They are used to help track your activity. Most Cookies are used to track what websites you're logged into and your local settings. They are used to enhance your online experience by personalizing what you see and simplifying your browsing. If you’re concerned about Cookies, you can manage them in your browser settings or on your device there will be a setting to clear your Cookies/Cache. 


To make a purchase from this Shop / Website, you must provide certain information such as your NAME, SHIPPING & BILLING ADDRESS, FINANCIAL information (including your Credit Card), your Email Address and Phone Number, as well as the Products you are purchasing in your order. This information is used thru STRIPE to process your order as well as thru BIG CARTEL for the purpose of shipping your order. Your Shipping information will also be shared with Canada Post for delivery purposes. In the unlikely event of a data breach at STRIPE or BIG CARTEL, I cannot be held responsible for the safety of your personal and financial information. If this should occur, my personal and financial information is likely also at risk. If I am notified by STRIPE or BIG CARTEL that any customers information is compromised, I will do my best to contact all affected customers thru email so they can take immediate & necessary precautions. Also, the information you provide during checkout is necessary for communication with you, such as in the rare circumstance of a shipping concern, to settle a dispute, or provide customer service. Your purchase information is also retained for tax purposes in Canada and for compliance in the case of government requests or legal proceedings; proving or protecting legal rights by enforcing agreements, terms or policies; preventing, investigating, or addressing fraud or other illegal activities, security, or technicial issues; or protecting the rights of customers.


If you choose to Contact Me via my Contact Form page on this Website @ https://www.lyndablack.ca/contact - You are agreeing to providing me, the recipient [Lynda Black], with such information as your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and the CONTENT of your Email. I will keep your information private, however I cannot guarantee the safety of your information if in the unlikely event my Email gets hacked. My Contact Form is also protected by reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is a free service provided by GOOGLE that determines if the user is a human or a bot, protecting my Website from spam & abuse. For more information regarding reCAPTCHA please click on the link at the bottom right of the Contact Form page of this Website where you will find reCAPTCHA Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Information. As the recipient, I also have the option to not respond to your email if I deem your email as disrespecful or inappropriate. I appreciate all comments & inquiries and will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you! =)

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Information may be updated from time to time if there are any changes to how your information is collected, used and shared on this Shop / Website. 


Additional Policies


------------> I * LOVE * having my ART featured on BLOGS / WEBSITES & posted on SOCIAL MEDIA. You're welcome to post my ART on SOCIAL MEDIA such as Twitter / X, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, & TikTok. Also if you do post my ART on your BLOG / WEBSITE or on SOCIAL MEDIA - I just ask that credit is given, including my name and a link that redirects HERE to my SHOP/WEBSITE @ www.LYNDABLACK.ca  ♡ Also, PLEASE consider * Contacting Me * - I'd LOVE to do a feature on my ART for your BLOG / WEBSITE! tHaNk yOU .♡


ALL of my polkadottydolls are handmade and are designed as one-of-a-kind plush art dolls for adults. They are NOT approved as toys for young children. The buttons can become a choking hazard. Buyer assumes all risk and responsibility.


All items in my Shop are protected under Copyright Law. As stated, All Rights Reserved & Copyright is NOT Transferable with Sale.
Everything I create is an Original and I expect that all Copyright Laws be obeyed. Thank you! ♡


~By using this Shop / Website (either by visiting, making a purchase, and/or using the Contact form), you are agreeing to all the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies stated HERE on my : TERMS / POLICIES page. Please also review my SHIPPING page prior to purchase for important information regarding agreed upon SHIPPING Terms and Conditions @ https://www.lyndablack.ca/shipping . Thank you! ♡